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Presenting you the 2022 SNGS grantees

Canada, 2022
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Unique of its kind, the Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists (SNGS) offers bridge financing between postdoctoral work and an independent research position ($170,000 over three years). This opportunity is extremely valuable as it represents a launch pad for the most talented researchers to gradually and effectively establishing their independence in a recognized Canadian … Read more

Three of the 2022 grantees

Canada, 2022
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Since the Cancer Research Society was founded, thousands of researchers have received a grant or scholarship for their cancer-related research project.   For those researchers, these funds have huge impacts and generate positive repercussions for several years, both because of breakthroughs that are made over time and because of the careers that are propelled by them.   … Read more

We need you!

Laura, Ami, B.V. & Franco, Canada
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It’s on World Health Day that the Cancer Research Society launched its spring 2022 digital fundraising campaign under the theme “We need you! “. More than ever, researchers need funding since cancer remains the leading cause of death in Canada. The Society team wishes to raise awareness among Canadians of the importance of supporting cancer … Read more

Funding The Scientists Of Tomorrow

Liis, Elena and Amélie, Canada
Future in research

Cancer researchers are nothing if not dedicated to their cause. A majority of the Cancer Research Society’s funding to Canadian researchers takes the shape of Operating grants, which provide established cancer researchers with a two-year grant to continue their groundbreaking research. We also offer many other funding opportunities such as our UpCycle grants, our strategic … Read more

Celebrating over 70 years of support

Claude Gagnon, Montreal
Future in research

Since its founding in 1945, the Cancer Research Society has awarded over $326 million to some of the most promising cancer research projects in Canada. Over 3500 projects have been funded in over 90 Canadian institutions to further the prevention, detection, and treatment of all types of cancers, most of which were made possible thanks … Read more